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Prep for the Ride

Prepare your Body

  • Eat and drink well in the days before the NYC Century Bike Tour.
  • Get out and ride! Or run, swim or skate -- anything to get in shape. See T.A.'s for a list of other NYC-area bike rides and events.
  • Consider investing in a pair of padded bike shorts. Not into lycra? Look for mountain-biking styles that aren't form-fitting. Even the toughest behinds get tired after hours in the saddle.
  • Stretch, stretch, stretch, at every rest stop and every chance you get! Your body will thank you in the morning.

Training Rides

  • The Five Borough Bike Club is hosting a ride series specifically geared toward training riders to complete the full 100-mile option in the NYC Century Bike Tour!  Check out their training ride schedule for more information. 

Your Bike: ABC Quick Check

Treat your bike to a full tune-up before the NYC Century Bike Tour. Nothing is worse than discovering something wrong with your bike after you start the ride. Visit one of the many NYC-area bike shops that support T.A. advocacy. If you join T.A. when you register for the NYC Century Bike Tour, your membership card will get you a discount at any shop on our list! A bike shop can also help you make sure that your bike fits -- small adjustments from seats to brakes can do wonders for your riding comfort.

While you’re at the shop, make sure that your tires are fully inflated. For long distance rides, it's important to not go by "feel." Get a gauge and check the tire for the recommended PSI.

Refer to these ABC's to ensure your bike is ready to ride: