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Volunteer Registration for the NYC Century is NOW OPEN. Whether you want to ride the tour or guide riders through tricky intersections, help out at a rest stop, sign in tour participants, or help us with pre-event preparation, we have just the job for you! 

Hazard ID
All summer long, we'll be out on our bikes scoping out potential hazards on the route so we can get them fixed long before the tires hit the pavement! If you join us, you will be assigned a section of the route to ride and will be asked to document specific road conditions you see along the way. All Hazard ID volunteers must be willing to pick up supplies and have a brief orientation at the T.A. office.

Saturday Prep 
We'll need a lot of help to prepare for the tour the day before it all happens! Strong volunteers can load up our vans with tour supplies at our storage facility, while talkative, personable folks make reminder phone calls at the T.A. office to our event-day volunteers. You can also help us hand out a final round of bibs. This is a fun day involving lots of teamwork and camaraderie, with snacks and lunch provided.

Start/Finish and Rest Stops Crews (non-bicycling positions)
Join us at one of our start/finish locations or at a rest stop. There, you'll help set up tables and signs, greet riders and volunteers and serve food and drinks. Groups are welcome!

Marshal for the NYC Century Bike Tour
Marshals are volunteers on bikes or on their feet who help other riders navigate the route, negotiate tricky intersections, fix flats and find their way to the food and water, first aid and bike repair stations. Marshals are also responsible for acting as goodwill ambassadors, spreading the joy and excitement of America's only all-urban century. Riding marshals should be experienced cyclists with the ability to fix a flat tire. Stationary marshals do not need any prior experience. We will offer marshal trainings throughout the month of August. First-time riding marshals are required to attend one of these sessions -- we'll provide you drinks and snacks as a thanks for coming! We have a few different marshal teams during the NYC Century Bike Tour, and we encourage you to pick the one that fits your schedule, location and interests! 

Our Stationary Marshals guide riders safely across challenging intersections, bridges, and passes -- and we cannot thank them enough for the important work that they do. This year, for the first time ever, we are offering Stationary Marshals at the RFK Bridge free registration at every single one of T.A's 2016 Bike Tours. Sign up quickly before all positions are filled!

Are you part of a team of five or more people who want to volunteer together? Do you have any other questions? We want to talk to you! E-mail us We're looking forward to hearing from you!